The Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of the Atmosphere (LPCA, Dunkirk) is a research unit (EA 4493) belonging to the Research Center Environment, Coastal and Marine Environments (EMLM) of the University of Littoral Côte d’Opale, member of LABEX CaPPA, and in agreement with the CNRS (SNC 9144).

The laboratory conducts fundamental and applied research in Physics and Chemistry to better understand the impact of human activities in the environment, particularly in the field of the atmosphere. The scientific project is structured around 3 themes, including theoretical approaches, experimental laboratory developments and in situ campaigns :


Theme 1 : Molecular Physico-Chemistry and Instrumentation (PCMI)

Scientific leader : A. Cuisset,

Keywords : optical (ultraviolet to mid-infrared) and opto-electronic (far-infrared) instrumentation, spectroscopy, molecular physics

Theme 2 : Atmospheric Processes and Dynamics (PDA)

Scientific leader : P. Flament,

Keywords : Aerosols, atmospheric reactivity, atmospheric dynamics, remote sensing, modeling

Theme 3 : Functional Materials (MF)

Scientific leader : E. Bychkov,

Keywords : Chalcogenide glasses, optics


The laboratory is affiliated to the Doctoral School « Sciences of Matter, Radiation and Environment » (ED-104 SMRE), within the COMUE Lille Nord de France.


Hervé Delbarre, Director
Laboratoire de PhysicoChimie de l’Atmosphère
Maison de la Recherche en Environnement Industriel 2 (MREI2)
189A, Avenue Maurice Schumann
59140 Dunkerque

03 28 65 82 73,